Mon Jan 02 2023

Airthium: Top Reasons to Invest

Hello, I'm Franck Lahaye, Co-founder of Airthium! Our goal is to make low-cost clean electricity and heat a reality for a cleaner future. Since the world today still relies on burning natural gas or coal, about 33% of the annual direct CO2 emissions spew from electricity and industrial heat generation.

Our contribution? We have created Airthium, an extraordinary engine to replace the global use of fossil fuels in industrial heat production!

We're excited you're here and interested in learning more about our investment opportunity! Let's take a moment to highlight the top reasons to consider investing in Airthium on WeFunder!

Market Opportunity

The Problem

Our beautiful world is deteriorating and we need to act fast! The first step is to drastically reduce our worldwide CO2 footprint. The overuse of fossil fuels has led to atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane that are unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years. This is the root cause for climate change.

The Solution

With the Airthium breakthrough heat engine, we can remove 33% of the world's direct CO2 emissions by decarbonizing industrial heat and electric power generation. This clean technology can help remove 33% of the world's direct CO2 emissions.

Reasons to Invest

Why Invest?
  • Our technology can help reduce the need for electricity and industrial heat, which cause half of worldwide direct CO2 emissions.
  • Our engine converts electricity to heat with record efficiency, low cost, low maintenance and zero carbon emissions.
  • We aim to revolutionize the $13B/yr industrial heat market & $125B/yr seasonal storage market.

Join Our Investor Community Today!

Now that you know a little more about our background and the good we intend to do, we hope you will consider joining our investor community.

Read more about Airthium by visiting our raise page on WeFunder for more information. We're still welcoming people to join our early investor community, so please share with your family, friends, and network.