Wed Dec 07 2022

Airthium: Company on the Rise

Airthium is decarbonizing industrial heat to prevent catastrophic climate change. Our heat engine is projected to remove 33% of the world's direct CO2 emissions!

Our reverse heat engine can produce temperatures higher than any comparable heat pump technology on the market today – without relying on fossil fuels. It can generate up to 3X as much heat as a resistor, using the same amount of electricity.

Our seasoned team believes we are an invaluable addition to the heating segment of the thermal storage market. We’re creating clean industrial heat that is cheaper than natural gas!

Booming Market Opportunity

Our engine is built to replace fossil-fired industrial steam boilers and dryers by a low-cost, fully electric alternative, in the form of high-temperature heat pumps.

By capitalizing on the $17B global heat pump market in the near term, we can deploy our engine in the field and accumulate millions of operating hours. This will lower our unit costs. By doing so we can build and scale wherever needed to deliver seasonal energy storage batteries for the grid—a $125B market on its own.

Additional Highlights:

  • Airthium has zero established competitors. We reach higher temperatures than existing heat pumps, extending our TAM (total addressable market) by $13B
  • Our long-term market is 100% clean electric energy at scale via a seasonal energy storage solution.

Thank-You For Your Time!

Read more about Airthium by visiting our raise page on WeFunder. We’re still welcoming people to join our early investor community, so please share with your family, friends, and network.