Renewable energy. Guaranteed available.

Low cost seasonal energy storage

We envision a world powered 100% from renewables, where electricity would be easily accessible and cheaper than today - cheaper than all fossil fuels including nuclear.

To realize this vision, we are building a low-cost seasonal battery that can store renewable energy for years instead of hours, and is up to 100 times cheaper than current solutions, including lithium-ion batteries.

Our mission is to guarantee the availability of low cost solar and wind electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every part of the world.

A "low-cost seasonal battery" means we can store solar energy in the summer and deliver it in the winter, while not increasing the yearly average cost of solar energy beyond fossil fuel prices. We can even compensate for a few "years with bad weather" using reserves built during better years. This way, fossil-fired power plants, which are used for backup power today when there is no sun or no wind for long durations, can finally be shut down.
Stirling engine for Seasonal Electricity Storage